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Children and youth association Kocka is a non-profit, non-governmental and volunteers' association which has been registered on April 4th, 2008. It has been founded with the goal of helping children and youth in creating the conditions for a purposeful, wholesome and independent life in the society. On July 30th, 2008 we began with the free workshops of a various kind.

By participating in separate programs the users have the ability to get to know themselves, their own wishes and needs, to develop their self-esteem and a positive picture about themselves. That way they can develop the conciousness about the possibility of choosing long term quality choices for their lives and are prevented from choosing risky and unacceptable behaviour.

According to the children's needs and interests we organize various types of workshops, lectures, educational programmes, round tables and similar activities coordinated by the competent people and the youth. Through its work Kocka tends to appreciate the individual characteristics of every single person, induces tolerance and tries to enable the children and youth to co-create activities according to their interests.


Kocka is an organization created with the goal of:


  • development of conciousness in children and youth about their own potentials and how to use them
  • prevention of psychoactive substances addiction
  • prevention of behavioural disorders and development and enhancement of social behaviour
  • encouragement of children and youth volunteer work and engagement in the civil society
  • enhancement of the institutional framework for better position of children and youth
  • education of children and youth and encouragement of informal way of education and self improvement
  • development of creativity in children and youth and encouragement of critical thought
  • commitment for gender equality and a right to be different as well as the respect of basic human rights
  • creating activities for the purpose of quality of life enhancement
  • senzibilization of parents for the problems of children and youth
  • increase of expert knowledge and the ability of experts included in work with the Association users
  • protection and promotion of other common goals of the Association members
  • cooperation with the institutions and associations for the purpose of realization of the mentioned goals



Activities by which the goals of the Association are accomplished:


  • work on the quality gahtering of the youth
  • organizing of the workshops (creative, artistic, scenic, photo, ecological, communication, etc.), trainings, courses (informatics, tailor, dancing, foreign languages, etc), playgroups and other
  • organization of public events in compliance with the Association goals: exhibitions, round tables, public discussions, seminars, conferences, performances, concerts, celebration of significant dates, conferences for the media, sports events, etc.
  • gathering of data, books, magazines and other material which refer to informing and education of the youth
  • organizing of free advising services in compliance with the Association goals (legal, economical, organizational, programme, projecting)
  • encouragement of cooperation with the national and foreign organizations with similar goals and if necessary, joining them
  • cooperation with the media for the purpose of public promotion of the Association activities
  • encouragement of the other common interests of the Association memebers
  • the Association will organize for its members other activities which contribute to promotion of common interests of the Association members, especially:

- to ensure the conditions for meetings, socializing and aboding of the members in the Association rooms

- to organize social games for the Association members

- to organize the preparation of non alcoholic drinks and food in the rooms of the Association for its members

- to organize other activities for the members which contribute to the accomplishment of the Association goals set out by this statute



Expected benefits:


  • for the children and youth:

- larger number of strenghtened children and youth

- more universal and selective efficient programmes of prevention

- larger involvement of the youth in their own development

- children and youth as the community resources


  • for families:

- sensibilization of parents for the problems of children


  • for the community:

- larger sensibilization of the public for the needs and welfare of the children and youth

- reinforcement of the volunteering activities and civil society

- creating of the prevention projects

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